McKenna and the myth

Foolishly, but not uncharacteristically, Kevin McKenna contrives to perpetuate the “once-in-a-generation” myth even as he condemns it. Outside of this myth, the reality is that the SNP never “declared the referendum would occur only once in a generation”. When asked, Alex Salmond offered his personal opinion that the referendum was a “once-in-a-generation” event, immediately qualifying this by stressing that he was talking about a “political generation”, which can be as short as four or five years. And an SNP leaflet mentioned the “once-in-a-generation” thing in the context of “opportunity”.

It was never the policy of the SNP or the Scottish Government that the people of Scotland must wait a “generation” (however that might be defined) for another chance to exercise their democratic right of self-determination. It was never policy, not least because such a policy would have been utterly meaningless. The right of self-determination is wholly vested in the people of Scotland to be exercised entirely at their discretion. No politician can place arbitrary constraints on this right.

If Kevin McKenna really wants this myth to be dispelled then he should first learn what it is that gives it the characteristics of a myth. The “once-in-a-generation” thing is a myth precisely because it never existed in the real world. It was entirely a concoction of Better Together/Project Fear and their accomplices in the media.


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2 Responses to McKenna and the myth

  1. Surely the ‘once in a generation’ logic, taken to its logical conclusion, would mean that all elections would follow the same premise. It’s a nonsense to suggest that, having voted once, you’re stuck with the result.


  2. Even if the SNP had insisted the indyref was a once in a generation event, the decision is not down to any government or political party. In a democracy such a decision is down to the people of the country. To deny them that decision is to deny them democracy – although that may well be what the unionists actually want!

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