kezia_dugdaleIt would appear to be one of the quirks of democracy, done in the manner favoured by the British parties, that the party which is relegated to third place by an unambiguously dismissive electorate assumes the right to have its policies implemented regardless.

It seems that Kezia Dugdale is not prepared to accept the democratic verdict of Scotland’s voters. On the basis of the evidence, she genuinely imagines that British Labour in Scotland enjoys a privileged status and entitlement which supersedes the democratic process as this is understood by the rest of us.

Not only does Dugdale demand, as of right, power that is exclusively in the gift of the people and which they have explicitly declined to give her, she also wants to undermine and diminish the mandate that was afforded the SNP. That mandate was granted on the basis of the SNP’s manifesto and an understanding of the powers that it implied. Dugdale now insists that this mandate should mean far less than the voters supposed when they cast their ballots; and that the powers they thought were being placed in the hands of an SNP administration should, instead, be exercised by those whom the electorate had decided were unfit to exercise them.

No. I don’t get it either.


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One Response to Demockracy!

  1. All part of the attempted destruction of the SNP – a party intent on the break-up of a union of great benefit to Labour politicians, especially if their name makes it to the honours list.


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