How to fail…

Sorry folks, but I just have to say one more thing about GERS.  I cringe whenever I hear or see a fellow Scot knocking our country.  Over the past few years I have gotten used to it from some of our esteemed journalists in the MSM.  However, has anyone ever failed at doing it quite as spectacularly as our very own Fraser Nelson?  He put up this little gem to show just how badly the SNP are running Scotland’s finances:


That’s quite a chart. Showing us how the SNP government manage Scotland’s finances by comparing Scotland to countries that have full economic autonomy (and not the 30% control the Scottish government have). What really annoyed me about it was not only the glee he seemed to take in posting it but his arrogance in believing that the majority of us are so stupid that we wouldn’t see the flaw.

Happily, judging by the replies he received, the majority weren’t fooled at all.


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One Response to How to fail…

  1. Lies have become the new truth. Sad.


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