How to make a new ‘truth’

So, a breakaway group of councils run by British Labour in Scotland (BLiS ) set up for the specific purpose of peddling anti-SNP propaganda does precisely what it was set up to do. Remember that these councils walked away from CoSLA because, despite being dominated by BLiS, it was regarded as being too ready to work with the Scottish Government and insufficiently committed to attacking the SNP at every opportunity.

What grounds are there for this latest bit of petty politicking by BLiS and their friends in the British media? What is the substance? Basically, all the article says is that not everybody is entirely happy with progress on the project to improve childcare provision. Something that would almost certainly be true of any project at any time. It is the very definition of a non-story spun as #SNPBAD propaganda.

Stories such as this, which are really just a regurgitation of a BLiS press release, are no more than fodder for British nationalist fanatics. The sole purpose is to provide propaganda cues which can be parroted by hard-line unionists who come away utterly convinced that they’ve just read a factual report of a complete failure on the part of the Scottish Government. It is an example of the process of manufacturing a ‘truth’. Tomorrow morning, BBC Scotland will pick up the cue and run with it, reporting as fact that the SNP’s child care policy is “failing”. By the middle of the week, all the British media will have embraced this freshly minted ‘truth’. Mercenary hacks will be churning out ponderous pieces about how the failure of this flagship policy is a blow to Sturgeon’s separatist plans. All based on a bit of whining from a couple of bitterly resentful BLiS councillors and a quote from Iain Gray that reads as if it had been composed by the voice recognition software I had in 1996 using a random selection of words from BLiS’s Big Book of Banal Bleating.


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Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. None of my attitudes are immutable. None of my conclusions are final. None of my opinions are humble.
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One Response to How to make a new ‘truth’

  1. Donald Laing says:

    excellent Peter, just a pack of rascals,


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