I might have lost the point…

I have just come back from spending at week back home near Edinburgh, and I have to admit, I came home really confused.

Now, before I go any further here I’m going to let you know that my wife is English and our two sons were born here too, so this is not an anti-English rant.  There, glad I got that off my chest.

We took our sons up to Edinburgh to catch some of the Fringe Festival street performances that were going on.   My sons loved it, they had a great time.  However, as I was walking around I got talking to other people who were enjoying themselves.  I spoke to people from various countries.  What struck me was how many of them spoke about not understanding why Scotland voted ‘No’ in 2014.  I had no answer for them either.

I must admit, I looked around at what to me is an ever-changing Edinburgh, the place was packed, just what is it that we’re afraid of?  Do we lack conviction?  Are we scared?  What is it exactly about independence that scares so may of us that we would prefer to stay in the comfort zone that is the UK?  A UK that doesn’t care about Scotland.  A UK that presides over Scotland even though the ruling Party has no mandate to govern it?

Is it me?  Am I missing something?


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3 Responses to I might have lost the point…

  1. jimnarlene says:

    It’s not only you, I don’t understand it either.


  2. Nor me. I can only surmise that any shreds of ambition have been wrung out of us leaving us like damp floor cloths.


  3. Some of us are thick as two short planks with no real sense of self-esteem. Oops, I’m supposed to be nice to them No-ers :o(


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