Iain Gray is fooling nobody. The original British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) amendment seeking to exclude 16- and 18-year olds from the Named Person scheme was nothing more than a bit of pointless interference motivated by a petty need to oppose the SNP rather than any desire to improve the legislation. And now Gray seized upon this in a desperate effort to rationalise BLiS’s opportunistic carping about a policy they supported right up until they saw an anti-SNP bandwagon they could jump on.

It is for Iain Gray to explain why he wants to deny potentially vulnerable young people access to support services. It is up to BLiS to tell us how a measure that they acknowledge as necessary and beneficial is improved by limiting its scope. If they cannot fully justify the claim that shutting out young people on some arbitrary basis is required in order to restore the public confidence that they have been working to undermine, then we are entitled to assume that this latest outburst from Iain Gray is no more than yet another instance of the puerile politicking that has been so sadly typical of the British parties at Holyrood for a decade or more.


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Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. None of my attitudes are immutable. None of my conclusions are final. None of my opinions are humble.
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