BLiSsful ignorance?

So British Labour’s sordid internecine warfare continues. Intent as he is on sniping at Corbyn with his wee opinion poll gun, what Ed Jacobs fails to recognise is that it is all becoming less and less relevant to Scottish politics with every passing day. British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) signed its own death warrant when it decided to go into an alliance with the Tories. It sealed its fate when it chose to put the British state and its structures of power, privilege and patronage before the needs, aspirations and priorities of Scotland’s people. Anybody who imagines that a change of boss is going to reverse the plummeting fortunes of “Scottish Labour” or help its hapless “leader” is seriously out of touch with Scotland’s increasingly distinctive political culture.

And there’s a short passage in the article which seems to confirm the lack of awareness that afflicts its author. Ed Jacobs offers the following odd little gobbet,

For all the efforts put in by Kezia Dugdale north of the border, the evidence is that despite the rhetoric, Corbyn has become a handicap to Labour’s chances of a Scottish revival.

Which seems to imply that Dugdale has been working on her boss’s behalf. It appears to suggest that she has been actively supporting Jeremy Corbyn, and that his decline in popularity is despite her “rhetoric”. It may also be taken as suggesting that Dugdale has been doing something to lift BLiS out of the doldrums. None of which bears any relation to the reality here on the ground in Scotland. Dugdale is as guilty as anyone in British Labour of disloyalty to the party’s democratically elected leader. And if she’s been active in making her branch office operation more effective then her efforts have evidently been in vain, and have certainly gone unnoticed by this commentator.

It’s unclear what is going to happen to British Labour in England. But here in Scotland it is very evident that there is going to be no “revival”. British Labour in Scotland is finished.


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