The lost souls

As the lies and false promises of the anti-independence campaign are exposed, what is striking is the fact that hard-line unionists seem totally unconcerned by this. They appear genuinely perplexed that people should be angered by the UK Government reneging on yet another of the promises by which they duped so many people into voting No.

ian_davidson_shipThat the No vote in the first independence referendum was sold on a totally false prospectus is now undeniable. But British nationalists really don’t see anything wrong with this. Some continue to deny that there has been any reneging. They go through all manner of logical and semantic contortions to insist that the promises made were not promises at all. Or not the promises we thought they were. They were a special kind of promise. One that doesn’t involve any sort of solemn undertaking.

But others blithely accept that the promises were always empty. Their reaction to protests over the British establishment’s dishonorable behaviour is to shrug their shoulders and say, “So what? What does it matter if we lied? We had to protect the union at any cost.”

blair_shipAnd what about those who were lied to? We must hope that eyes have been opened. But a trawl through comments facilities is extremely depressing. It brings home the realisation that there are many No voters who simply will not let go of their prejudices. For what may well be a significant number of No voters, it’s as if everything from EVEL to Brexit never happened. It is astounding how many persist in parroting Project Fear propaganda from the first independence referendum campaign, as if oblivious to everything that has happened in the intervening period.

As we gear up for a late summer independence drive intended to persuade No voters of the case for independence, it is best to be aware that this could be a very frustrating exercise. A lot of these people aren’t listening. And never will.


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4 Responses to The lost souls

  1. The question has to be are there still as many undecideds’ now, who were not convinced enough in 2014 to vote Yes?
    The ‘lies’ that were peddled have been outed and actually nothing much has changed, economically, in Scotland over the last 2 years as a direct result of being part of or remaining in the U.K.
    I wonder how many people actually feel better off and more secure than they were 2 years ago?

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  2. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.


  3. Stuey Soutar says:

    Aye…So which part of “Fuck right off,” did they no’ get?


  4. Perhaps a mass drop on the Wee Black Book to every home with a wee explanation note, followed up by a mass drop of the (new and updated, I’m sure Stu will be working on it) Wee Blue Book is called for, “here’s the facts people, look them up yourself to make sure you’re not being lied to”


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