Words really do fail…

Is anyone else out there struggling to make sense of just what it means to part of the UK these days?

Nicola Sturgeon on the morning of the Brexit result held a press conference to make her statement.  She looked, sounded and behaved like a political leader.  Meanwhile, Farage, Johnson and Cameron all ended up resigning.  Labour can’t decide if it’s a Party at all any more.  Then we witnessed a little bit of a farcical leader election for a new Tory leader and ultimately our new PM.

Then…we see her bring Fox, Johnson and Leadsom into cabinet posts.  Just let the reality of that sink in…just for a moment.  The very same Liam Fox who had to resign from Cabinet in disgrace for expenses irregularities.  Boris Johnson, who I will always regard as being nothing more than a serial liar, is not fit for any post in the Cabinet.  Then we come to Leadsom, ah Andrea, such a vile and repulsive woman.  She even went as far as to state that men could not be nanny’s because they are all potential paedophiles.  How on Earth is she still in the cabinet after that comment?

And yet, and yet Nicola Sturgeon still takes a load of abuse on the likes of Twitter.

I know the kind of leader that I want running a country I live in, and it isn’t the type that we’ve seen from Westminster.

I truly hope this time that the people of Scotland start seeing sense and realise that the UK is not interested in serving their best interests.

It really is time for change.


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