The daily grind

While the rest of the British establishment is occupied forcing Scotland out of the EU against our wishes and foisting the obscenity of Trident on us despite our protests, it’s good to know that Kezia Dugdale is still slogging away at the vital task of undermining public confidence in NHS Scotland.

It is all too easy for British politicians to get caught up in the big, headline-grabbing issues and neglect the basic work of talking Scotland down. Patriotic British politicians must remember that, gratifying as it is to be associated with the more massive affronts to Scotland and democracy, the corrosive negativity of small, everyday lies and distortions is also an important weapon in the fight to subdue the democratic aspirations of the people of Scotland and protect the ruling elites of the British state.

They also serve who only snipe and carp. And, although she obviously relies on the media to do much of the heavy lifting, credit is due to Kezia Dugdale for maintaining her focus on the job of traducing Scotland’s public health service amidst the distractions of British Labour’s farcical factionalism and the British political establishment’s glorious displays of sneering contempt for Scotland’s voters.


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