Nothing new to say

As the SNP gears up for the promised summer independence drive – inevitably delayed by the debacle of the EU referendum and its aftermath – it is illuminating to witness the reaction from hard-line unionists such as Alastair Cameron, Director of extreme British nationalist group Scotland in Union. It is evident from his comments that the anti-independence mob has nothing in the way of new arguments and is looking like it will rely on a tedious rehashing of discredited Project Fear propaganda from the first referendum campaign.

Most of us have moved on from that campaign. Most of us are aware that a great deal has happened since September 2014. Few would deny that the political terrain is altered dramatically. Yet Alastair Cameron and his ilk are still peddling the same tired old smears and fears. Even where they show some sign they’re actually aware of events such as the EU referendum, they are quite unable to deal with the reality of it and instead fall back on pointless bleating about “uncertainty” – apparently oblivious to the fact that it is their beloved British political establishment which has been the single greatest cause of the very “uncertainty” that they refer to.

Scotland in Union was one of the more insignificant groups to share the Better Together umbrella with sectarian organisations like the Orange Order and British nationalist extremist groups such as Britain First, and Alastair Cameron was always very low in the pecking order of Britnat fanatics – even if it is restricted to those with similar names. So it is interesting that The Herald went to them for a quote. Perhaps the others weren’t quite as eager to look out of time and out of touch.

Pressure is building for another referendum. It seems unlikely that those determined to deny the sovereignty of Scotland’s people will impress anyone with a rerun of the lies and scare-stories and empty promises that they used last time. But this does not mean they won’t resort to the same despicable tactics. They might not be able to get away with knocking on the doors of seniors and telling them they’d lose their pensions if they voted Yes. But let’s not be under any illusions. They will find something equally despicable.


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