The same old song

When The Scotsman refers to “economic and fiscal ” realities what it is actually talking about is the British nationalist propaganda that it helped to promulgate as part of Project Fear. The tragedy of the propagandist is the folly of believing their own lies. Pandering to the prejudices of its few remaining readers, The Scotsman continues to peddle the malicious myth that Scotland is “too wee, too poor and too stupid” to be a normal nation.

The problem for those who seek to disseminate such disinformation is that they have zero credibility. The British media squandered what remained of its authority during the first Scottish independence referendum campaign. They continue to regale us with the same unadorned lies and vacuous scare stories even after the whole case on which a No vote was sold has been exposed as a false prospectus. They evidently think we’re all stupid.

They suppose we are too stupid to have noticed that every promise and assurance offered by the British establishment has been shown to be worthless. They take us for fools unable to figure out that the threats and intimidation meant nothing. They dismiss us as pathetic sheeple whose Pavlovian reaction to discredited economic doom-mongering can be taken for granted.

They think they need only repeat the words “fiscal black hole” often enough and loudly enough and we’ll all be distracted from the economic disintegration going on around us. They assume they need only mention the word “currency” and we’ll fail to notice what is happening to sterling. They imagine we can be deterred by talk of “uncertainty” even as the British political establishment that they serve provokes precariousness on an unprecedented scale.

There is no recognition that times have changed. There’s no acknowledgement that circumstances are different now. The possibility that the people may have moved on isn’t even considered. The media have barely updated the drone of grinding negativity with which it assailed us in the months leading up to the first independence referendum. This Scotsman editorial could have been cut and pasted from a two-year old edition – with only a few minor alterations. Even the stuff about uncertainty surrounding Scotland’s relationship with Europe sounds pretty much as it did then – with barely any acknowledgement that, whatever doubts there may have been in 2014, these have been massively aggravated by the No vote that was supposed to make our EU membership secure.

The media think we’re too stupid to know that they lied to us. They think we’re to meekly apathetic to be roused to anger by the fact that they were complicit in a massive conspiracy to cheat the people of Scotland of their sovereignty. They think we’re so stupid that they can dupe us again with the same despicable tactics. They think we’re stupid enough to fall for the same lies and scare stories.

They think we’re stupid enough to accept our hopes and aspirations being buried in the heaping ordure of British nationalist dogma that demands “The Union At Any Cost!”.

Are you stupid? Are you?


About Peter A Bell

Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. None of my attitudes are immutable. None of my conclusions are final. None of my opinions are humble.
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2 Responses to The same old song

  1. bjsalba says:

    Does anyone know what the current circulation for the Scotsman is? Last I heard it was below 25K.


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