The shadow of Boris

We have just achieved our best ever result in a Scottish election, proving that we can win in Scotland as Conservatives.

Actually, the “Scottish” Tories achieved their distant second place in the Holyrood election by avoiding all mention of being Conservatives, so as to make themselves slightly more palatable to the hard-line unionists they were trying to woo over from British Labour in Scotland. They fought a campaign based almost entirely on brazen British nationalist rhetoric and a media-driven personality cult that elevated Ruth Davidson to a status she lacks the capacities to earn on her own account.

How might that strategy work again with Boris Johnson grabbing headlines and constantly reminding voters of Davidson’s subordinate position in the real Tory party from which she has sought to distance herself?

How might Davidson possibly hope to shine in the shadow of a character who can easily trump her in terms of both British nationalist jingoism and populism?


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2 Responses to The shadow of Boris

  1. mucklefaucht says:

    I just heard that Ruthie is to be on some panel – tomorrow in London maybe ? – is it the ITV debate ? – speaking for REMAIN.
    Now how does that square with her party members and voters, whom I would assume are virtually all for Leave ? Assumption based on the fact that the Leave campaign is basically City of London Tory wideboys and bigots from the South.


  2. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.


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