They’re out to destroy our NHS

The British nationalist propaganda machine’s denigration of NHS Scotland is relentless. There is no issue relating to the day-to-day running of our health service which is so trivial or mundane that it cannot be represented by the British parties and the unionist media as a “crisis”.

Nor are they shy about lying, and repeating lies that have already been exposed. We know, for example, that the review of NHS Lothian facilities and operations was delayed by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, and not by the Scottish Government. But that won’t stop the British nationalists lying about it.

Of course, this isn’t even the actual report that we’re talking about here. It’s some “leaked” document that may or may not bear some resemblance to the actual report. And note how the article offers only carefully selected snippets from this dubious source. One might almost think somebody had scoured the document searching for every negative-sounding word and phrase they could find.

Even then, it’s all a bit weak and has to be padded out with quotes from the British parties which bear no relation to material cited in the article. Neil Findlay, the British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) MSP for the Lothians, asserts that “there are questions around the safety of services” blithely contradicting the leaked document which says there are “no safety issues”.

This is another example of the kind of propagandising that takes the normal difficulties associated with running a massive public health service and, by exaggeration and distortion, seeks to create the impression of a system on the verge of total collapse. It is all about undermining public confidence in Scotland’s public services and institutions for the pettiest of political purposes and without the slightest regard for any harm that might be done.

The British parties and the British media would have us believe that the people who work in NHS Scotland aren’t coping. That they can’t do their jobs. That they are failing to provide the services we need. It’s all lies! Nobody denies that the work they do is fraught with problems. It is a plain fact of life that demand will always test the limits of resources. But these people make it all work. They do their jobs. And they do them remarkably well.

The reality is that, whatever lies and smears are peddled by those who would destroy our health service for political and financial gain, the things that are presented as evidence of a “crisis” are no more than the things that NHS Scotland staff deal with day in and day out. They deserve our congratulations and our gratitude. They do not deserve the slanderous deprecation doled out by those whose motto is “The Union At Any Cost!”.


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One Response to They’re out to destroy our NHS

  1. Absolutely. Most people’s experience of the NHS is very positive – a system they are eternally grateful to have free of charge whenever they need it, run by dedicated people with their wellbeing at heart, irrespective of the bank balances of individuals or their medical history. Privatisation must be resisted.


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