Look away now if easily offended…

The reaction on Twitter last night to Nicola Sturgeon’s appearance on the ITV EU debate was quite telling.  It seems that there are some, actually quite a lot of people in the UK who don’t like to see lying politicans getting owned.  Here’s a lovely sample of the patriotic ‘Brits’ for you to enjoy.  Look away now if you’re easily offended:






Doesn’t it make you proud to be part of this family?


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17 Responses to Look away now if easily offended…

  1. jimnarlene says:

    “Doesn’t it make you proud to be part of this family?”

    In a word, no.


  2. Peter A Bell says:

    I wonder if the Daily Mail will be devoting seven pages to condemnation of this “vile abuse”.

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  3. Don’t think they will ,only Cybernats are racist to these gutter press types.

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  4. Robbins says:

    What a bunch of white English trash, not much education or thinking going on there. They are really not the brightest bulbs in the box! Can’t even write without swearing,
    Nicola keep going, you are strong and intelligent, the South of England can’t even take care of the Northern English, Scotland needsyou to stand up and work on our economy, otherwise we stay at the bottom of the pile, they will keep us poor under their thumb!

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  5. epicyclo says:

    They are truly dimbulbs, but they din’t spontaneously think like that. Those attitudes have been implanted in them by the media owned by the billionaires who stand to benefit from Brexit. It is also representative of the attitudes of the Westminster elite towards us, but they are intelligent enough to cover it with a veneer of politeness.

    Scotland will not thrive until we are out of reach these racist scum.


  6. Benard Sweeney, says:

    Time for UDI, our first Minster is away above this vile abuse , I hope a lot of our fellow Scotts who voted no ln the referendum will now see the true side of what a lot of supporters of the right wing Tory party I south of the border think of the Scotts who have been there biggest supplier of the bread basket to treasury .


  7. grahamp960 says:

    It’s sad that some Scots still want to be members of an increasingly dis functional British state that has no real love or respect for her ! If we hadn’t been subsidising England for decades, I doubt highly that any pretence of affection would have been forthcoming!


  8. Gail Davey says:

    Nicola is the person, along with Alex Salmon that will ultimately save Scotland from these scrounging English cunts called Westmonster…….. Can’t wait……bring it on Nicola……. Our Heroine


  9. More reasons why we would b far better off on our own.


  10. John Campbell says:

    They folk probably do not like work either , but are happy to live subsidised by us Scots .


  11. Free prescriptions and education here jealous perhaps ?

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  12. Jamie Arnott says:

    “I hate Nicola Sturgeon almost as much as I hate Andy Murrays Mum fuck off you sweaty socks”

    I laughed really hard over how cheap that was. It’s so pathetic that the guy has to have a go at another woman that isn’t even involved.

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  13. Frank Anderson says:

    It is a shame that these contents amount no more than a butterfly fart. They talk of not liking the result what will their vile posts contain if they don’t get the result they want.Here is a historical fact It was a tory government who took us into Europe and surprisingly enough it could be the infighting amongst the tories that will be responsible for the exit from Europe, and the uncertainty that will surely follow. Blame culture at work here especially amongst their bigoted comments. Perifidous Angleter

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  14. Barnie says:

    Nicola sturgeon is not cleaver she is a fool who will bankrupt her country


    • epicyclo says:

      And your basis for that fact-less statement?
      If you can’t give a reason based on facts people will think you’re a dimwitted troll with shit for brains.


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