Long Time Getting Here…

Well…it’s been a week since the elections for the Scottish Parliament took place and it’s taken me a week to allow events to sink in properly before I make any comment on them.

First of all, I think it was a tremendous result for the SNP to not only win a third term in a row, but see an increase of their votes too.  Secondly, I am pleased that there is a pro-independence majority in Holyrood.

However, I have to vent my spleen about a few things.  Firstly, Ruth Davidson did NOT win this election, yet the MSM, judging by their fawning over her, would have us believe otherwise and oh how she’s enjoyed every minute of it.  I’ll be honest here, I was stunned then angry that certain people in Scotland could be so blinded by their hatred of the SNP that they would vote Conservative, do they not remember what Thatcher and her Party did to us in the 80’s?  Now, after some reflection I think this is exactly what Nicola Sturgeon would have wished for, the chance to finally back Ruth into a corner and wipe the floor with her at ever FMQs.

On Twitter I dared to suggest that Labour could easily sort itself out, or it could continue and die out.  Well, I was firmly put in my place.  Someone suggested that because I live in England, that I know nothing about politics in Scotland and that my views were not valid.  Oh how I love to hear the ‘I am more Scottisher than you’ comment.  What horrendous suggestion did I make to merit such vitriol?  I stated that Labour needs to stop allying itself to the Tory Party, it’s killing them.  I also suggested that Labour should break away from London HQ, become a Party in its own right and if not independence, then push for some form of federalism.  In all honesty I think Labour in Scotland just prefers to continually pour hatred and scorn towards the SNP.  Let them get on with it if that’s the case.

Lastly, and this one annoyed me all the way up to and including the election, RISE.  Some members of RISE, Cath Boyd in particular, so full of their own importance with their constant sniping at the SNP and their whole ‘we’re the radical Left so bask in our coolness’ attitude that I found them to be too immature for this contest.  If they want to be taken seriously then RISE needs to crawl, walk and then run NOT the reverse.  Oh, and stop acting like 6th Year pupils at high school.  There’s a reason why your vote share was dismal.

I’m not convinced by the Greens (sorry I can’t help it) but I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt…for now.

One thing that has surprised me over this last week has been my attitude towards those that voted NO in referendum and voted Labour, Tory or LibDem.  I’m genuinely angry about it because Scotland is living in a UK-lite situation.  Would those people vote the same if they had to pay charges for prescriptions?  Obviously they would, that’s what their Party’s down here are happy with.  They must also want to pay up to £9000 a year for any children they have that may want to go University.  Instead of behaving like ungrateful children, perhaps they should be a bit more thankful to the SNP for continuing to ensure that in Scotland, these stay free.   Just something to ponder.


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  2. We know what the sensible solution is for Labour but the trouble is their fixation with the SNP stops them from thinking beyond the next puerile insult. My advice to them would be to keep quiet for the next six months and spend the time thrashing out a new stance on the constitutional question, outwith the limelight and out of journalistic glare. Take time to ponder on where you have been, where you would like to go, and where you are now. Then work out the best way forward, taking account of the wishes of the people in Scotland for at least substantially more powers. If that fails to produce any sensible solutions, then disband and let us all move on.

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    • David Steele says:

      I agree with you Jings. I think we’ll see just how much they’ll allow their hatred of the SNP to destroy them. They need to move on and become a political Party again.


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