“Scots should question SNP’s record in office”, bleats the headline on a Financial Times piece slavishly shared by British nationalism’s favourite failure, Blair McDougall. (paywall so no link) Such is the lack of self-awareness of both the author of this piece and the much-derided architect of Project Fear that neither is conscious of how this terse instruction encapsulates the elitist arrogance of the British establishment and the now openly acknowledged anti-democratic credential of the British parties’ and their ever-obedient branch operations in Scotland.

Note the underlying assumption implicit in the question; that Scottish voters haven’t questioned the SNP’s record in office. That we’re too stupid to have done so. It is simply unimaginable to this self-appointed clique of patronising praters that we might have scrutinised the SNP’s record – as well as the party’s manifesto – with extreme rigour. And that the SNP’s approval ratings and standing in the polls is a consequence of this close examination of their record and policy platform, rather than being a function of the witlessness they so offensively take for granted.

No! These pompous bastards go straight to the assumption that we are Scottish, therefore we haven’t a bloody clue. We don’t think. We don’t do grown-up politics. They take this contemptuous attitude to the people of Scotland so much for granted that they can’t even think of expressing their sneering disdain in this manner as an insult. It’s just what “everybody knows”. So why shouldn’t they say it – or write it. It’s only the fucking Sweaties anyway! What does it matter?

Note also how the validity of the voters’ democratic choices is dismissed with high-handed scorn. Yet again we find anti-democratic British nationalists refusing to accept the legitimacy of voters’ decisions.

We must not let these people anywhere near power. We must use Thursday’s election to send a clear signal that we reject their determination to deny us our democratic rights. We must take this opportunity to tell the parties of the British establishment that we’ve had more than enough of their asserted superiority.

We must make our voice count. We must choose #BothVotesSNP


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Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. None of my attitudes are immutable. None of my conclusions are final. None of my opinions are humble.
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5 Responses to ENOUGH!

  1. Donald Laing says:

    That’s the Elitist English for you, Blind in their arrogant ignorance, they hate all foreigners which of coarse includes the Scots and Irish. Foreigners are the main reason why so many English want to pull out of the EU. Which of coarse, will be the most stupid, crazy thing they could ever do, directly leading to the break up of their last bit of Empire, the UK. Putting them on the last bit of slippery slope to the finish, Idiots!


    • Peter A Bell says:

      I have no problem with the English, Donald. They are almost as ill-served by the British state as Scotland. Their national identity is also suppressed in favour of the structures of power, privilege and patronage branded as “Britain”. Worse! The name of their country is usurped as a synonym for this “brand”.

      The problem is not England. It is certainly not the people of England, a surprising number of whom are genuinely sympathetic to Scotland’s cause, seeing our independence as a potential catalyst for change in their nation. We should be making common cause with the people of the rest of the UK who are just as eager as we are to see an end to their politics being dominated by a Westminster elite in thrall to the City and mired in corrosive neo-liberal orthodoxy.


  2. smiling vulture says:

    Labour NEVER mention Scottish NHS Targets were moved up to 95%

    Labour call Scot Gov riightwing for not putting income tax to 50%,Labour party had it at 50% for 3 weeks in 13 years.

    SNP removed tuition fees
    SNP removed bedroom tax
    SNP free prescriptions
    SNP stopped Westminster treasury undercutting Scotland

    With new powers 2017,a SNP gov can prove again,a fairer stronger Scotland

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  3. Agree, we mustn’t let these people anywhere near power, and yet with the election looming the SNP vote diminishes with every opinion poll as votes for these people increase. It beggars belief. Have we forgotten all about Thatcher, austerity, job losses, broken promises and everything else? What on earth are voters thinking! Would they really rather have a unionist government cobbled together from Tories, Labour and LibDems with Ruthie in charge? Do they realise what they would lose? I shudder at what Thursday’s results might bring.


  4. Carl Jenkins says:

    The Scottos have found their Voco and have no intention of growing silent once again. Au contraire, this voice will only grow louder until Independence is achieved and then it may settle down a bit as we go about rebuilding Scotland and establishing her place in the world.


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