The Zombie Apocalypse…

Apparently, if certain people on Twitter are to be believed, I am a member of a cult.  The insinuation being that I can’t think for myself.  My crime?  I support the SNP.  I know! Awful isn’t it?  I can’t, don’t or won’t criticise them…because it’s a cult…there really are some idiots on Twitter.

I do not think that the SNP are above criticism.  I myself have criticised them in the past.  I wished that they and some of their supporters would talking about a second referendum; not because I don’t believe there should be one (I do) but because I think that certain political events will lead the people of Scotland to the natural conclusion that it really is time to leave the UK.

However, that’s a post for another time.  Let’s get back to the cult comments.  When I see Unionists fawning over and being whipped into a frenzy to celebrate the birthday of the Queen, a woman who is there only through an accident of birth and nothing else.  I know who the cult members are.  When I see people decked out in suits covered in Union flags, wearing hats covered in Union flags and standing under bunting made of…yes you guessed it…Union flags, I know who looks more like a member of a cult, and it isn’t me.

I know that not all Unionists are monarchists and not all supporters of independence are republicans, but, you see, I can think for myself and see the differences.  I just don’t think that I have to be angry with someone because they don’t share my beliefs.

The Royalist zombies that I watched on TV, listened to on the radio and even had to read their words in the newspapers was vomit-inducing.  One of the few positives from it all was realising that finally, there was a point to the BBC paying a salary to Nicholas Witchell. That’s a lot of pennies for a one-day-a-year reporter.  Oh wait, the Queen has two birthdays…bugger.


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