No democracy please! We’re British!

It is interesting and illuminating that Ruth Davidson regards a legitimate democratic campaign as a “threat”. And that British Conservatives in Scotland intend to “stand up” in opposition to the exercise of a fundamental democratic right – the right of self-determination. With no hint of embarrassment, Davidson openly declares her antidemocratic credentials.

For further evidence of her contempt for both democracy and the people of Scotland we need look no further than her arrogant, autocratic insistence that “the case for independence is dead”. Perhaps she is so detached from reality that she hasn’t noticed the levels of support for the SNP and other pro-independence parties (OPIP). Or perhaps she suppose that a pronouncement from any British politician such as herself carries more weight than the choices of the ‘little people’. The 115,000 who have joined the SNP can be dismissed with a disdainful sneer. 95% 0f Scotland’s MPs means nothing. 50% of the vote means nothing. Impressive approval ratings for SNP politicians mean nothing.

The huge grass-roots Yes campaign is discounted with a few words. The people are not sovereign. The British establishment is superior. And Davidson speaks for the British establishment.

Note too that the claim (or is it wishful thinking?) about the independence campaign being “dead” comes right on top of Davidson’s admission that she and her fellow British nationalists completely failed to “kill” it. Make of that what you will.

What we are hearing from Davidson is the same as we are hearing from all the British parties. An explicit acknowledgement that they will do absolutely anything to preserve the old order and the old ways. Any behaviour, no matter how reprehensible in other contexts, is held to be fully justified in the name of defending the structures of power, privilege and patronage which serve the narrow interests of the British establishment and its clients. Scotland’s institutions, our public services, our economy and even democracy itself will casually be sacrificed in the service of the British state.

Davidson and her allies in the other British parties operate under a shared banner now just as they did during the first referendum campaign. Emblazoned on that banner is the slogan of British nationalism, THE UNION AT ANY COST!


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4 Responses to No democracy please! We’re British!

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  2. daibhidhdeux says:

    Let them be severely trounced come Holyrood, and, thereafter, let us abrogate the so-called Union Treaty.

    Thence, onwards and upwards.


  3. Unionists will say and do anything to preserve the union. Odd, when according to them we cost so much to subsidise. Just read the recent articles on Wings about the U-turns. One promise one day, the opposite the next. Anything to claw together a few more votes. At one time, we rid ourselves of Tory MPs, then gained one back. Now folk are seriously contemplating voting for them to preserve the union, despite the fact they haven’t changed, only become more devious and two-faced. Let’s not be fooled. Let’s vote for what we believe will deliver the best future for Scotland.


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