I don’t know what you make of Natalie McGarry, me personally?  I don’t know her well enough to make any judgements.  However, the latest ‘episode’ of her life as an MP saw her being detained in Turkey for recording bombs exploding (how dare she).  I do want to give you a small sample though of the abuse that’s been posted on Twitter…ready?   Here we go:

These are just a few of the tweets posted.  I am more than happy to be corrected here, but as far as I am aware she hasn’t been charged of anything yet.

In a week that saw an out-of-touch PM slate another MP for the way he dressed and not singing the national anthem, it would appear that:

  • political debate is stuck in the playground
  • there really are some bitter Unionists out there.




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One Response to Depressing…

  1. Jimbo says:

    Been saying that for years, Peter. The Labour Party have taken puerility to an all new level. They seem to be stuck with a collective primary school playground mentality.

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