A lack of perspective

“What the ‘Scottish perspective’ is however on, say, the US presidential race is beyond this observer.”

Does this admission mark a rare moment of self-awareness from Poor Old Cockers?

I doubt it. Because British nationalist fanatics don’t regard an inability to comprehend a Scottish perspective as a deficiency. Indeed, they wear such ignorance as a badge of pride. They flaunt their ‘un-Scottishness’ as a way of emphasising their Britishness. Some atavistic instinct tells them that anything which might be taken for ‘Scottishness’ is incompatible with being part of the British establishment.

Sad creatures such as Poor Old Cockers are embarrassed by ‘Scottishness’. They genuinely feel diminished by being identified with Scotland. They personify the ‘Scottish cringe’.

Which is, of course, the perfect qualification to be the ‘Scottish Editor’ of a British newspaper.

There is no self-awareness in Poor Old Cockers’s confession. There is only a witlessly unintended validation of the very thing that the demented old hate-monger is railing against on this occasion. The proud ignorance of a ‘Scottish perspective’ that he evinces is all too characteristic of the sneeringly disdainful attitude that pervades the nominally Scottish media. The Scottish Government merely suggests that this is not an acceptable situation.

In truth, it has never been a satisfactory situation. Poor Old Cockers is provoked to yet another tedious outburst of spittle-flecked indignation not least by the fact that someone has had the temerity to point out that having a ‘Scottish Editor’ of a large newspaper who doesn’t understand anything of a ‘Scottish perspective’ is not something one would wish for if one envisaged media that was actually relevant to the people of Scotland.

Imagine if Emily Maitlis, for example, had declared proudly,

“What the ‘British perspective’ is however on, say, the US presidential race is beyond this observer.”


About Peter A Bell

Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. None of my attitudes are immutable. None of my conclusions are final. None of my opinions are humble.
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