To A Unionist

Two classes of elected representatives necessarily implies two classes of electors. You can be content to be relegated to an inferior status in your own country. Or you can put an end to the farce of this increasingly dysfunctional political union.

I used to say that independence would come when the people of Scotland realised that the things they aspire to can only be gained by bringing our government home. I now accept that another factor may be involved. It occurs to me that the restoration of Scotland’s rightful constitutional status my, to some significant extent, depend on moderate unionists coming to realise that the issues they seek to address by endless constitutional tinkering and clumsy manipulation of parliamentary process, would be more effectively resolved by scrapping this archaic, anachronistic and woefully asymmetric union in order that we might build a new form of association between the nations of Scotland and England. A relationship founded on equality of status and mutual respect.

To A Unionist

Ye jingo janglin’ champion o’ the British state
Strutting strident union flag-wrapped advocate
Of haughty Britannia’s bold asserted fate
By heaven planned
Auld Scotland’s land and folk to dominate
Wi’ gallous hand.

What we seek is no exceptional ambition
We ask no special status or condition
Ours is but the most modest proposition
And plain desire
To be like any other nation
Is a’ we require.

Only see that by your grim determination
Tae mak us ane in ane synthetic nation
Ye sow the seeds o’ rancour and frustration
In Scotland’s heart
That wastes the wish for fond association
And prises apart.

But if ye truly be a friend of guid intent
If the best for both our nations is what’s meant
If a’ that’s fine between us you’d hae retain’t
Then think again!
When ties that sour relations all are rent
True friends remain.


About Peter A Bell

Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. None of my attitudes are immutable. None of my conclusions are final. None of my opinions are humble.
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