This post is really one big long rant at all the personal annoyances from 2015:

Scotland voted overwhelmingly for the SNP in the General Election and that support seems to be increasing, which is a great thing, however, told you his is a rant, there are a few things that have annoyed me about all this.  The first one is that the Labour Party in Scotland seem to have nothing more to offer Scotland now other than an SNP Bad mentality.  The recent closure of the Forth Road Bridge, which was totally justifiable, was used by Labour to try and make the SNP look incompetent.  If Labour have nothing positive to add to the political landscape in Scotland then they should just shut up shop and leave.  The second aspect of the General Election result was the ridiculous swearing in of the SNP MP’s that we had to endure.  I am an SNP supporter but I found the whole thing to be a complete joke and a total embarrassment.  Was it really necessary for them to make such a pig’s ear of it all?

On the plus side, they have been a very good Party in opposition maintaining their discipline and Party unity where others have failed.  This is where I have to mention Labour.

Labour don’t seem to really know who they are any more.  Their membership overwhelmingly voted for Jeremy Corbyn as leader and yet their Parliamentary membership don’t seem to be able to grasp this.  The fiasco over the bombing of Syria was the lowest point this year for them as a Party.  Those MP’s that refuse to get behind Corbyn need to be removed.  It’s a simple as that.  Labour needs to get its act together and pretty soon, because, their current weakness, if maintained, could condemn the rest of us to another Tory government after 2020.

The Conservatives have shown themselves to be arrogant and ant-democratic.  Their changing of boundaries (to suit them) and their attempts to curb to the House of Lords after the HoL gave them a bloody nose recently angers me.  No one Party should have the power to make such drastic changes for their own political advantage.

England’s recent lurch to the right also angers and concerns me.  Whether Tory or UKIP, the English seem to think it’s ok to be selfish and xenophobic at the same time.  There is an increase in the support for the UK to leave the EU.  Do the English really believe that leaving the EU will sort out their problems?  Personally, maybe we should concentrate on ensuring that the big companies such as; Google, Apple and Amazon should pay their proper share of taxes.

I’m hoping that 2016 will be better and we’ll see a credible Labour Party in West Minster and that they’ll start to hold this government to task.


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5 Responses to 2015…

  1. Peter A Bell says:

    Get it off your chest, David. 😉 A Guid New Year to you and yours.


  2. Peter, I wish you and your family all the very best for 2016. Hopefully, I’ll be able to contribute more to this site as well.

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  3. Not sure why the swearing-in of SNP MPs rattled you. There were a number of versions depending on whether you were religious or not, and whether Scottish MPs wanted to do it in English, Scots or Gaelic – the three languages of Scotland recognised by the Scottish parliament. Or perhaps you objected to some MPs taking their weight off their feet whilst waiting by sitting on the front benches. What made you feel the process was a pig’s ear?

    In any case that was totally overshadowed by the maiden speeches, most of which were excellent and surely must have made you proud to be Scottish?

    As for the Labour Party…well, we all agree it is a shambles.

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    • The swearing-in annoyed me because I thought it looked ridiculous and was completely unnecessary. However, I did go on to praise their Parliamentary performances, not only as individuals but also as a Party unit.

      As far as Labour is concerned I’m beginning to think that shambles is too good a word to use.


  4. You say you thought the swearing-in completely unnecessary. But as far as i am aware all MPs and MSP, irrespective of party, have to be sworn in at the beginning of each new parliament. It may seem unnecessary, but our MPs have to comply with Westminster rules and protocols even if, in the case of clapping, they are not always consistently applied. Anyway, coming up to the year-changing hour, so have a good 2016 and keep ranting!


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